I'm just a goofball with an odd sense of direction. This is a blog with a collection of my interests, things I find important, and pretty much a picture perfect discription of who I am as an indivdual.
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PL SF NYE 2015, it’s legit as fuck.

Tycho tonight, getting stoned cold Steve Austin && hypnotized~

Not only are you my favorite month, but you are giving me another chance. 

I believe you and I will see some beautiful changes.

I part ways with you for you have taught me to let go, you gave me the opportunity to see within myself, to understand some more. 

On your final night, I bid adieu to the old and I cheers for the new.

With love,
Candice Marie

I breathe in LET
I breathe out GO

during the beginning of last week’s practice I set my intentions on letting go. On letting go anything that I was holding onto. I bring these intentions with me again this week and every week to come until I’ve learned to let go.

I am letting it just go.

the other day before I opened my eyes, I dreamt of several different forms of my own suicide.

I still don’t really understand why this thought is even a thought.